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FYR is an algorithmic trading indicator that provides Real-time buy and sell signals on stocks, options, and futures, which has its core in the ORB (Opening Range Breakout), a trading strategy devised by Toby Crabel. Using this strategy the trader places a buy stop just above the opening range plus the stretch and a sell stop just below the Open price minus the stretch.

FYR is built into the Pearl Dynamics Software suite to take advantage of various different tools at its disposal including direct integration with DOLOMITE for fully automated trade execution.

What does it do ?

  • FYR Indicator removes the noise and focuses on what matters.

  • It is an indicator built for the TradingView platform and provides Real-time buy and sell signals on all asset types.

  • FYR is internally fully integrated with the DOLOMITE execution bot to allow fully automated execution of trade signals on your brokerage account.

How to Setup?

  • FYR is easy to set up on Tradingview and has also setup guides and youtube videos to enable customers for easy onboarding.


  • AI Trading Mode

  • Buy | Sell Stocks & Options based on automated alerts

  • Multiple ORB timeframes

  • Safe Entries / Exits 

  • Stock Exhaustion configuration

  • Multiple INFO tables to assist new/advanced traders

  • Clear Non-Repainting Entry and Exit Signals

  • Variety of configurations for personalization

                                         and Much more...

For more Infomation refer to Product Guides

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