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DOLOMITE is an AI-driven trading solution, that automates trading stocks, options, and futures* for any account size, working within a pre-defined set of parameters and rules      (a Trade Plan), even when you are not watching.


This gives a trader a unique edge and precise execution devoured from distraction in the market and removing the human doubt from the equation.

DOLOMITE helps manage risk and brings discipline and consistency to your trading, making you a better trader with each trade plan.  

What does it do ?

  • It's an algorithmic bot with our proprietary execution logic that allows traders to execute their plans on all supported brokers.

  • Setup your alerts on Tradingview or TrendSpider or any platform which supports WEBHOOKs and Dolomite will execute your trades. 

How to Setup?

  • Dolomite is easy to set up, follow the well-documented steps on the product guide page to connect with your broker and execute your automated trades from your favorite platform.


  • Buy | Sell Stocks & Options based on custom alerts.

  • A plethora of configurations are available for both Stocks and Options asset types

  • OCO | OTAOCO Orders support

  • Trailstop

  • Take profit and Stop loss

  • Advance AI-driven Options contract selection.​​

                                         and Much more ...

For more Infomation refer to Product Guides

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