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FYR is an algorithmic trading indicator that provides Real-time buy and sell signals on stocks, options, and futures, which has its core in the ORB (Opening Range Breakout), a trading strategy devised by Toby Crabel. Using this strategy the trader places a buy stop just above the opening range plus the stretch and a sell stop just below the Open price minus the stretch.

What does it do ?

  • FYR Indicator removes the noise and focuses on what matters.

  • It is an indicator built for the TradingView platform and provides Real-time buy and sell signals on all asset types.

How to Setup?

  • FYR is easy to set up on Tradingview and has also setup guides and youtube videos to enable customers for easy onboarding.


  • AI Trading Mode

  • Multiple ORB timeframes

  • Safe Entries / Exits 

  • Stock Exhaustion configuration

  • Clear Non-Repainting Entry and Exit Signals

  • Variety of configurations for personalization

                                         and Much more...

For more Infomation refer to Product Guides

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